Why does your favorite language suck?

yujiri8 profile image Ryan Westlund ・1 min read

Instead of ranting about things you hate or gushing about what you love, rant about what you love.


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I love Python, but it's lack of type checking is an atrocity. Of course, this applies to most scripting languages, but I'm bitten by it every day I use Python and it's drained me of about as much time and happiness as Go's error handling (even adjusting for the difference in time I've been using it). Python actually convinced me to love type checking, when I hated it at first, by being a language I love that doesn't have it - that's how bad not having it is in my eyes.


So this is about Lua.
I am torn about their 1-based indexing. Personally I love it, but so many people hate it and that is bad for adoption.
I hate that Mike Pall isn't working on LuaJIT anymore, so the community is split between LuaJIT users and PUC-Lua users.
I find LuaRocks terrible to use.


I love Lisp and V both equally. Lisp however can get complicated where it should be simple and has a terrible reputation on being difficult, especially in modern development. V is too unstable for use and has several downfalls.


C# is great, but I miss Javascript's array and object initialisers, and spread operators!


Ember is the best - but it's always getting better too fast! The people who can teach it well always have their examples in typescript or something just 5 steps ahead of normal people so, no one ever learns it well.

Vue is the best! but then when you need to make something bigger - you just make a more fragile version of Ember. It's gives you so many options that people try and turn it into react.

CSS is the best - but it's newest variables and stuff are really cool... but also not cool enough to actually allow us to let go of the processor... so, what's the point? (we do know the real point... but those are the ranty feelings)

HTML actually is the best - but everyone writes it like cavemen - so, you still have to deal with the bad parts all the time - and then it makes people write terrible CSS.

Stylus is the best but no one uses it - so, it's old and outdated and there are no syntax stuff or whatever things that it would need to live on. (but if we get the chance - we'll pay to rebuild it!)


JS for type coercion, and often not so obvious error handling system, when you can see your app running just fine with semantic or logical erorrs.


I love C++ performance and flexibility but I hate its lack of standard package management.


Wish Ruby could be used in more places. I feel like there isn't much support for Ruby in general compared to other languages.


I like Haskell's idea and syntax but I find it difficult to learn, its resources are too scarce (even Haskell Wiki has some TODO section) and finally I don't know how to apply it.