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Google Discover: What is It and How To Succeed

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Websites whose traffic has increased dramatically in a short time thanks to they become visible on Google Discover, and web pages that have managed to show themselves to target audiences that have not yet known them thanks to their presentation here.

Wouldn't you want to be one of them?
Indeed, Google Discover is one of the only algorithms that will allow you to appeal to more people without looking at your SEO score or your current SERP ranking. So if you play this game by its rules and pay attention to what Google demands from you, you are likely to stand out in this feed.

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Google Discover

In this content, we will examine the tips of coming forward within the framework of the recommendations of Screpy experts and appearing on the Discover feed of your target audience. If you're ready, we're getting started right now!

How Does Google Discover Work?

Google Discover is the renamed version of an algorithm that was previously released as Google Feed. Of course, the name was not the only thing that changed. Along with the name, many features of Discover have also been renewed.

The main purpose of Google Discover is to provide users who connect to the Internet using their mobile devices with the content they need to know or want to see, without the need to search for something specific via the search bar. These contents can sometimes be breaking news, sometimes a simple recipe, or a YouTube video that has been a hit recently. Hosting different types of content, Google Discover also draws attention with its multilingual results.

So, how does Google Discover show results?

Remember what we said when reviewing search engine results pages (SERPs): Each user's SERP is personalized based on their previous browsing habits and search history. Similarly, each user's Google Discover feed is created specifically for him. The feed, which is optimized depending on the data that the user allows monitoring and collect, is renewed regularly in order to make queryless search possible. In general, the following data are taken into account by the algorithm when shaping Google Discover:

⦁ Search history.
⦁ Browser history.
⦁ App activity.
⦁ Location.

In order for all of these to be examined, of course, the user must allow data collection. Google Discover presents your content to the user who is most likely to engage and interact with it. Therefore, it is actually possible to meet your target audience through Google Discover.

How To Be Visible in Google Discover?

Imagine a sudden increase in your website traffic graph. Suddenly rising lines may be telling you something very important: Your content is on Google Discover and you have had the opportunity to introduce yourself to the audience you are addressing with many new visitors!

While analyzing websites that are integrated with Google Analytics, the system gives you the part of your traffic coming from Google Discover numerically. In this way, you have the chance to interpret the traffic rates you receive more easily.

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Being visible in Google Discover

So, is there a formula for going to Google Discover? Is your SEO work enough for you to go to Google Discover? It's time to find out!

Share Contents More Likely to Be Presented in Google Discover

Google Discover may not host all content types. Specifically, contents in certain categories are extremely likely to be seen on Google Discover. Therefore, it is possible to say that one of the first ways to increase your possibility to stand out is to produce content in one of the following areas:

Current news (especially in these contents, it is extremely important to be one of the first websites to publish the news and to share them with the right details, at the same time to have NEWS registration on Google)

⦁ Posting content about hobbies and activities - Especially recipes, DIY projects, mock-ups, and similarly themed content are often featured.

E-commerce contents - specific product groups are highlighted within the framework of the user's browsing behavior and shopping behavior.

Travel & hospitality contents come to the fore especially on the basis of brand, product, and location. For example, it is very likely that content with the theme of '' Places to visit in the Maldives '' will appear on Discover after an individual doing a hotel reservation on the Internet in the Maldives.

⦁ Contents related to the field of beauty and fashion.

⦁ In the field of gaming and electronics, both evergreen content and current news remain popular and are featured on Google Discover.

Health, fitness, and outdoor concept can also stand out on Google Discover in terms of activity options and local business themes.

If you too are involved in any of the concepts above, you may be more likely to stand out than the others.

Shape Your Content to Be User-Focused

Strong content on a website can make the website stand out in specified keywords, we know that. But quality content is required not only for SERP but also for Google Discover feed.

Optimizing your content and your website, in general, can allow you to achieve extremely powerful results and increase your likelihood of being seen on Google Discover:

Have a mobile-friendly site: As we said before, Google Discover was built to improve the mobile experience. Therefore, we can say that being a mobile-compatible website is the first priority. It is very important to work in accordance with AMP and to have a mobile-compatible theme and code resource. Remember, these studies will also have a positive impact on your SEO scores and ranking due to mobile-first indexing. Discovering more is that simple!

Support your content with powerful images and videos: Highly interactive content will be liked by both Google and your visitors. The use of high-quality images and videos in the content may increase your possibility to stand out in Google Discover. Download and use the appropriate options for your work from the most preferred paid stock photo and video sites recently.

Pay attention to technical details: The correct use of h1, h2 tags in your content is very important. In addition, it is extremely valuable not to deviate from the topic you have specified in your title in your content, to provide accurate information, and to create a flow with a high rate of readability.
Want to learn more ways to get your site on Google Discover? It may be time to check out the definitive guide by Screpy experts. Let's explore together!

Want to learn more ways to get your site on Google Discover? It may be time to check out the definitive guide by Screpy experts. Let's explore together!

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