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Top 7 White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development Companies in 2021

Zab Technologies
Zab technologies offer you blockchain development services with advanced and premium features that will boost your business.
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Cryptocurrencies are playing an essential role and it is recognized as an alternative approach to banking services in 2021. Cryptocurrency is the most often heard term in recent times and it is changing many financial transactions securely. Digital currencies have grabbed a vast amount of popularity among people over the years.

Experts in the crypto community say that digital currencies might be the future currency of the financial world. As we know the blockchain and crypto industry is the most prominent & fast-growing sector ever in the market. The market capitalization is estimated at 3 billion USD in the previous year and experts in the blockchain community say that the market value would massively rise to $39.7 billion in the year 2025.

We already witnessed the tremendous growth of white-label crypto exchanges in the past years. Many startups and business people wanted to print their foot in the crypto industry by launching their white-label crypto exchange with extraordinary features. In recent years, many Crypto exchanges have been launched in the market but some have failed due to some improper monitoring and promotions.

Generally, developing a crypto exchange from scratch takes more time and is more expensive. So people searched for alternative options to quickly set up an exchange and enter into the market. The one thing that has enlightened crypto startups and entrepreneurs to start a crypto exchange business is white label crypto exchange software development.

Even people have chosen the white label software as the way to develop their crypto exchange platform. They don’t know where to get the best and secure white label crypto exchange software development service for their business. If you are one among them, then this fascinating article will help you to find the best 7 white label crypto exchange software development companies in the global market. Also, you will get to know all the essential factors of while label crypto exchange software development.

white label crypto exchange development

Let us begin this informative article with…

What is White Label Crypto Exchange Software?

In general, white label crypto exchange software is a pre-designed software that is constructed with advanced API and standard programming codes. But in business terms, white-label crypto exchange is a ready-made crypto trading software that helps to launch a fully functional, feature-packed, and secure crypto exchange platform instantly.

This software supports multiple crypto assets, so your users can trade a wide range of major digital currencies like bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, dogecoin, EOS, litecoins, and more. Using this premium white label crypto exchange software budding startups and entrepreneurs can kick start their cryptocurrency exchange business with no effort. Usually, this type of software is inbuilt with cutting-edge security systems to provide a hack-free environment.

The person who buys the white label crypto exchange software can customize the software based on their personal preferences. Like they can modify the name, theme, logo, color, front-end designs, and much more. So this software is recognized as a highly scalable product in the global crypto marketplace. In other words, a White-label crypto exchange software is a piece of tailor-made software that one company sells to another organization or company. The company that is buying the product has many opportunities to develop the previously manufactured software.

The premium white-label crypto exchange software would already overcome certain levels. Such as designing, developing, multi-testing, and quality checking. So this software will be fast and secure for trading cryptocurrencies. White Label solutions will enhance returns on investment. Apart from this, it also helps people who lack technical experience to build their crypto exchange platform. That’s why there is a big demand for the best white label cryptocurrency exchange software development.

White Label Crypto Exchange Software Development

This development refers to the set of processes involved to launch a secure and feature-crypto exchange platform powered by blockchain technology based on clientele suggestions and customizations. The development process involves the following essential steps.

  • Market analysis
  • Module creation
  • Design stage
  • Development stage
  • Testing stage
  • Deployment

How to Find the Best White Label Crypto Exchange Development?

To identify the best white label crypto exchange software, you must consider some important factors. Such as KYC, AML, and CTF legislation. Besides, there are other paramount aspects to consider. They are

  1. The degree of customization offered,
  2. Available hosting options
  3. Check the price whether it's within the budget or not.
  4. Review the supporting cryptocurrencies and deposit options. Check out the scalability and transaction speed.
  5. Check out the trading features and security systems of the white label crypto exchange software

Types of Exchanges You Can Build Using White Label Crypto Exchange Software

You can launch different types of crypto exchange platforms using this software. They are listed below.

  1. User to Admin/OTC Crypto Exchange similar
  2. Peer to Peer Order Books cryptocurrency trading platform.
  3. Peer to Peer Ads Based Crypto Exchange Platform
  4. Decentralized Crypto Exchange
  5. Crypto derivatives exchange platform
  6. Hybrid Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform.
  7. One Page Crypto Exchange Platform.
  8. Binary Options Trading Platform.

Ideal Features of White Label Crypto Exchange Software Development

The best White Label Crypto Exchange Software comes with the following set of advanced trading features

  1. Margin Trading.
  2. IEO Launchpad.
  3. Mobile Trading Application for Android & iOS.
  4. Cryptocurrency Wallet Integration.
  5. Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Integration.
  6. Liquidity API.
  7. Atomic Swaps.
  8. Admin Panel.
  9. User Panel.
  10. Cryptocurrency Price Ticker API.
  11. Matching Engine.
  12. Referral Program.
  13. Firebase/Firewall Integration.
  14. Trading Bot.
  15. Pending Transactions Handling

Security Features of White Label Crypto Exchange Software Development

You need to consider security as the major concern for your crypto exchange business. Here I list some of the updated security features that you can get in premium white label crypto exchange software development service.

  1. DDOS mitigation
  2. Two-factor verification
  3. Database encryption
  4. Anti-phishing software
  5. Multi-signature vaults
  6. SSL integration
  7. Browser detection security
  8. End-to-end encryption

Benefits of Choosing the Best White Label Crypto Exchange Software Development

White label crypto exchange offers various benefits to the people who are willing to start a crypto exchange business. Here is the list of beneficial factors that one gets by choosing the best white label crypto exchange software development.

  • Easy customizations
  • Faster deployment
  • Your users can trade cryptos instantly and securely
  • Cost-effective and saves time
  • No need to be a technical expertise
  • Advanced trading features and security mechanisms
  • Multiple-crypt and fiat currency support
  • Effective 24/7 technical and customer support from the software provider
  • High volume liquidity
  • You can get a multi-tested, bug-free, and scalable white-label exchange product

By seeing these potential perks, many startups & entrepreneurs started preferring premium white label crypto exchange software. Now, let us see…

Best White Label Crypto Exchange Software Development Companies

As of now, many companies are offering white label solutions with the latest features. So I have done some groundwork and came up with some outstanding development firms that offer the finest white label crypto exchange software. Here is the list of the best 7 white label crypto exchange software development companies based on their year of experience, clientele reviews, feedback, and satisfaction.

1. Zab Technologies

When it comes to white label solutions in the crypto field, I would strongly suggest Zab Technologies for starting your crypto exchange business. Zab Technologies is the leading and renowned white label crypto exchange software development company in the blockchain industry. They have earned the best name in the industry. Because of their quality outcome in products, their clients have reached greater heights in the market.

Many startups and entrepreneurs across various countries have tied up with Zab technologies for starting their crypto exchange business. Apart from white label crypto exchange development, they excel in offering reliable blockchain development services. Their services include cryptocurrency exchange development, cryptocurrency wallet development, crypto payment gateway development, Tron token development, BEP20 token development, Ethereum token development, and more.

Zab technologies so far delivered several white label crypto exchange software to their international clients across the globe. They have a team of experienced and skillful blockchain developers to develop and deliver the product within the desired. They develop software by adding all the essential trading features and security modules as per your business requirements. Also, Zab technologies have a team of experts to provide 24*7 technical and customer support. They enable the outstanding features in their software to provide a better trading experience. Such as

  • Margin trading
  • Cryptocurrency wallet integration
  • Matching engine
  • Liquidity API
  • Referral program
  • Pending transactions handling
  • Effectual admin panel
  • Crypto Payment gateway integration and more

Zab Technologies offers the finest and bug-free white label crypto exchange software that helps you to launch a feature-packed crypto exchange immediately. Also, their software is fast, cheap, secure, and comes with the latest technical features & cutting-edge security mechanisms as a complete package. Thus, many crypto startups and entrepreneurs choose Zab technologies for white label crypto exchange development.

2. Skalex

Skalex is the popular and well-known white label crypto exchange software development company headquartered in Germany. This development firm is mainly popular for its cryptocurrency exchange development services. Skalex provides scalable, customizable, and secured crypto exchange software to their reputed clients. They offer the best crypto-based and blockchain solutions to startups and entrepreneurs. Their software supports all virtual cryptos such as ethereum, litecoin, ripple, bitcoin, and more. In their software, they have the superfine analytical dashboard. So that your users can trade digital currencies in a risk-free manner. They integrate some specialized trading features into their software. such as

  • Order matching
  • Market maker
  • Multiple currency support
  • Crypto to the fiat currency exchange option
  • Funds management
  • API to an external storage

In their white label software, they have an admin panel. Here you can make the desired changes as per your business needs. Apart from this, they also offer STO and ICO development services. They have an experienced team of crypto exchange developers offering scalable solutions to businesses.

3. AlphaPoint

AlphaPoint is a prominent white label crypto exchange development company in the blockchain space. They have years of experience in offering premium white label crypto exchange software with progressive modules and tightened security features. Alphapoint is recognized as a quality software development firm that has been in existence since 2013. AlphaPoint offers both primary issuance and secondary trading solutions in the crypto field.

AlphaPoint declares that their developers can be able to create a superfine crypto exchange in 20 days. Their white-label crypto exchange software supports 20 cryptocurrencies and its list of customers shows that it is well supported. AlphaPoint claims that its software can handle 1 million transactions per second. Their software supports almost all types of crypto trading features and security modules. Such as margin trading, multi-crypto wallet, crypto payment gateway integration, matching engine, KY/AML, and more.

4. Prolitus

Prolitus is a popular and fast-growing white label crypto exchange development outsourcing company. They offer a highly customizable and top-notch white label crypto exchange platform for their clients. They excel in offering a wide range of services based on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Some of their reliable blockchain services are crypto wallet development, blockchain application development, crypto exchange development, and other services. In their software, they integrate some ideal modules. Such as

  • Easy funds management
  • Basic and advanced KYC
  • Analytical dashboards
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Support and report module
  • Affiliate module
  • Liquidity providers

Prolitus will develop and deliver their pro-x crypto exchange software with the help of experienced IT architects, domain experts, and blockchain developers. Thus, their product outcomes will be effective, perfect, and provide a better trading experience for users. Prolitus claims that they will develop their software with advanced design and themes within 14 days. This helps you to launch your crypto exchange platform within a few days. When you use their software, experts from their company will assist and update you at any time.

5. Antier solutions

Antier Solutions is an ideal white label crypto exchange software development company in the blockchain world. They offer the flourishing and bug-free white-label cryptocurrency exchange software to their clients with enabling elite trading features and security modules. Many budding startups and entrepreneurs used their tailor-made crypto exchange software to build their crypto trading platform to gain more profits. Antier solutions mostly focus on cryptocurrency exchange development services and blockchain projects. Desirable trading features of their white label crypto exchange platform are given below.

  • High TPS
  • Powerful trade engine
  • Hot wallet
  • Multi-layer security
  • Liquidity option
  • Multiple-crypto and fiat support
  • Referral and reward program
  • Staking and more

Apart from these features, their software can handle 100,000 transactions per second with a bank-grade security mechanism. Antier solutions have a dedicated team of blockchain experts to guide their clients to launch their crypto exchange platform within 7 days. They excel in developing and delivering all sorts of crypto-based products with marvelous outcomes. Besides these, they also provide enterprise solutions, crypto exchange development, white-label crypto wallet development, and more.

6. Blockchain App Factory

Blockchain app factory is a reputed and top-notch white label cryptocurrency exchange software development firm. They have 3+ years of experience in blockchain development. so they are specialized in offering all types of blockchain development services with utmost perfection. So far they have delivered 40+ successful blockchain projects to their international clients within the desired time. Blockchain app factory provides ultra-modern bug-free white-label software with premium features and advanced security mechanisms. Their white-label crypto exchange development includes various technical features. They are

  • Margin and futures trading
  • Multiple cryptocurrency support
  • Multi-language support
  • Robust Matching engine
  • Multi-currency wallet
  • API integration
  • Admin Panel
  • Crypto Payment Gateway and more.

Blockchain app developers have a highly qualified team of blockchain developers to create and deliver a premium white label crypto exchange software. Besides these, they also provide some popular blockchain solutions. Such as Cryptocurrency Development, Cryptocurrency Exchange Development, Cryptocurrency Wallet Development, ICO Development, STO Development, and any other blockchain solutions.

7. Hashcash consultants

Hashcash consultant is the best-in-class white label crypto exchange development company in the blockchain industry. It is a California-based crypto exchange development company. They are experts in offering all sorts of blockchain services and crypto-based products. Hashcash consultants provide bug-free and 100% white label crypto exchange software for their clients. Their software supports major fiat and cryptocurrencies for trading. By using their software, one can launch a feature-packed crypto trading platform easily. They integrate some desirable features into their software. Such has

  • Order book and matching engine
  • CMS
  • KYC verification
  • wallet management system
  • UI/UX Branding
  • block confirmation tracking
  • mobile application
  • ERC20 compatibility

Apart from these features, their software includes a hot wallet and cold wallet with a robust matching engine. So it is easy for the customers to remove or add the crypto trading pairs. Hashcash also offers blockchain IoT development and consulting services for their global clients. They have launched their own crypto exchange in the United States of America which is named paybito.

Wrapping up

The above-mentioned firms are the top 7 white label crypto exchange software development companies in the crypto global marketplace. If you want to start a flourishing crypto exchange business smoothly then choose the best cryptocurrency exchange development company which provides bug-free and customizable white label crypto exchange software with all the essential trading modules and high-level security features at a budget-friendly price.

I hope this article gives you all the important needs of white label solutions and helps you to choose the finest development firm to build your crypto exchange platform. Therefore, think wisely before selecting the development firm to start a cryptocurrency exchange business in 2021.

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