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This is so neat! For those who get stuck in this situation on an Android, Termux turns out to be really great. I went about a week between computers while mentoring at a code bootcamp, and Termux pretty much saved my life there.


Thanks, Zac, and that's a really cool solution for Android devices! I never would have thought of setting up a local environment with packages and everything right from the phone.


This looks like fun to play with for a local environment on my phone - it even supports SSH which is nice! To make emergency hotfixes on servers on my Android phone, I've been using JuiceSSH, which is also really helpful.


Termux is indeed great! Combine it with Hacker's Keyboard and you already have a terrific setup. If you can also afford to root the device you're pretty much ready to rock, with a "lite" but usable Linux system.

If you want a code editor for Android, I've found QuickEdit a nice little one.

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