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My story is pretty boring, but it's mine so I like it.

I'd been a Linux user for a few years, mostly because I always had kinda crappy old computers and running Windows was just too slow. I'd done some "programming" before, in middle school (QBasic), and fooled around with Bash scripts and things.

I'd found a neat CLI tool I wanted to use on npm. I didn't know anything about Node at the time, but I wanted to try this thing out, and ended up fixing an issue I had with it.

At the time I was in a dead-end job, and was trying to get into doing websites for clients as a freelancer (just HTML and CSS, which I'd been doing since the early 2000s for fun anyway – my very first 'real' website was a Harry Potter Fanfic group side, called "The Raven's Claw").

Learning enough about Node to fix this little tool was a really interesting adventure, and I ended up deciding to pursue that a bit more. I went to a bootcamp (DevMountain in Provo, UT) and spent several months studying and building stuff 60 hours a week. Getting the chance to just focus on learning and trying to build stuff for a few months was a pretty great thing (and however you feel about code bootcamps, I think that's their real selling point, not any specific curriculum or anything).

I ended up mentoring at DevMountain for another three months, which was, I think, more beneficial than actually going through the program. Got a job right afterwards as a front-end dev for a pretty neat company, and now I've been doing this professionally for a little over a year, so I guess I can call myself I programmer.

I also grew up with a graphic designer mom and a sysadmin dad, so maybe I never really had a choice?

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