re: What tool/framework/cms/etc do you use to build your own personal website? VIEW POST


My personal site (which is also the link on my business cards, LinkedIn, etc) is really boring, but finally stable. It's just hand-written HTML and CSS. I used to spend a lot of time trying to make it appropriately flashy, putting projects and other things on there, but I was never really satisfied with it. Now it's just the basics with some links, and my CV is (currently) just a piece of JSON (I'd probably put up something more conventional if I were actively looking for work, though).

And my blog is also just static files, built from markdown by ghost-render. I've been thinking about changing the actual build tool to something more 'fun' like Frog or Hakyll, but whatever I switched to would probably have to work pretty much the same way: I write markdown files, run a thing, and get plain HTML files out the other end.

Both of them are hosted on a VPS (DigitalOcean), but they could easily just be gh-pages or something. They're only on a server because I already had one and wanted to use it for something.

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