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At work I have two monitors, plus the laptop, on the left, on a stand that brings the top of the laptop screen to the same height as the top of the other monitors. The laptop usually has Slack, Zeplin, Chrome open, maybe Safari open. The two monitors are just terminals, usually mostly occupied with vim, one term running Docker, and another for playing music (using either mplayer or a small TUI mplayer wrapper I wrote).

-----  ---------------   ---------------
|lap|  | vim  | vim  |   | vim  |docker|
|top|  |      |      |   |      |------|
-----  |      |      |   |      |music |
       ---------------   ---------------

I keep the laptop and right monitor pretty sharply angled, something like this:

 /             \
/               \
    keyboard      \

So I'm usually looking straight ahead at the just-vim monitor.

At home my setup is fluid, because I have too many computers laying around, but right now from left to right there's the Windows laptop (for FL Studio), Linux laptop for personal projects/whatever, 27" monitor, and then the work laptop goes on the far right when I'm working from home. With one keyboard in the middle (kind of in front of the Linux laptop), shared (no switch, I just plug it into whichever computer I'm using).

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