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Discussion on: Docker for Development on MacOS

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Does it really support M1 CPU which means not Rosseta? thanks

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Dmytro Larkin Author

@zachary, that's a good question!

It works if VitualBox runs on M1.

Luckily, you should not be dependent on VitualBox. You may use any of supported Vagrant providers. VMWare Play and Parallels work even better according to collective practice.

The setup above makes docker loosely coupled with a host. You can drop it any time to release plenty of resources, and reproduce within minutes again. You should not collect docker pieces across your system. People also use AWS EC2 or DO instances to host containers for dev. You switch contexts only. Easy. That is the goal for dev environment.

Docker Desktop on the Mac has slow IO, especially on Intel chips. So many tips and tricks to tune docker (e.g. Mutagen) but Linux beats everything, even on virtualization. I guess, I hope, native docker desktop works much faster on M1 Pro/Max with >4TB storage. Perhaps, doing docker system prune --all --volumes -f on that setup will be efficient enough.