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Discussion on: How do you wrap your head around observability?

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Zack DeRose • Edited

Two dimensional arrays.

But not 'spatial x spatial',
Rather 'spatial x temporal'

You end up with essentially a timeline:

a timeline

An 'observer' creates a timeline (usually by calling next(), complete(), or error() as events are observed) - and the timeline is then an 'observable.'

In JS, RxJS provides an excellent library for this, as well as a swath of 'operators' (creating a new 'timeline' from a given 'timeline') that makes for really great dev exp - both in terms of writing declarative code, and in terms of dealing with a frontend environment that's driven by observed user and/or server events!

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but by doing this you need to save 'em in a database or other similar sort, si as to visualize it later on in real time, right?