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Discussion on: Getting started with Hyperledger Composer and private blockchains

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Another question.
When I reached to "Deploying" step and open "localhost:3000/explorer" I didn't get the same result. I didn't find the assets, participants and transactions.It is just the "System: General business network methods"that is there.
Any idea what would be my mistake?

Many thanks.

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Damien Cosset Author

I'm not sure. Could you check that you are using the same composer version everywhere? When I wrote this article, the composer version was 0.16 I believe. It is now 0.19 or so. If the code is the same as mine, that might be an issue.

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I was using compser 0.19 with the old fabric version "hlfv1".
I changed it to the new one "hlfv11" and the problem is solved.