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I wrote a post for Dev.To but decided not to publish it here because I felt it would make most of the community hate me. It was to do with developers not being business minded and more focused on a daily or hourly rate.

It was based upon my experience of trying to outsource developers for my startup. Right now I am trying to hire somebody, put an advert on several freelancer sites and even dev.to. Either the people replying are insane or are obsessed over fantastically high rates. There is no degree of trust. Worst still, the chances are they will expect a perfect specification. We wouldn't be able to have a conversation, they get the picture and go away to come back with something.

To my point - outsourcing is a REAL headache. To give an example. I know what a company like yours will tell me next;

  • Give me a website to look at which tells me about your technology and skills.
  • Expect me to try and figure out how I can use you to do what I need.
  • Expect me to carry the cost burden of your scrum masters.
  • Leave me dumbfounded as you try to sell your services to me as a non-.net company when I am a .net company.

This type of relationship dynamic doesn't work and yet this is what most outsourcing outfits offer.

No offence intended to you. It is difficult on both sides.


First, we are not providing .Net development services.

Second, You had a bad experience from few outsourcing development company. That thing not create picture that all outsourcing service provider company are bad.

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