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What is the concept that gave you the most trouble understanding ? 🀯

zechtyounes profile image zechtyounes ・1 min read

Personally, it was the decorators in Python, I found it hard to understand the concept at first, and later the benefits of it. And you ?


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Hmm, probably currying and double arrow functions in es6. In fact, anything to do with functional programming has taken me a while to understand


Yup, that happened to me when learning a bit of Haskell... alien stuff


Sometimes something "stupid" can take a long time to be assimilated and sometimes a complex concept can be understood directly. I find it funny personally πŸ˜„


Yeah, definitely - I find FP much more natural now, but when starting out it looks like some crazy alien language

I can just agree with you πŸ˜‚


Pattern Matching and Pipelines when I use Elixir for the first time.

But now that I understand it I love these functionalities and really miss them in languages that dont have it

BTW, i wrote about Elixir in this article case you guys have interest


Machine learning, neural networks in particular. I'm self-taught and have no background in maths or physics, so it's been quite difficult for me to understand most concepts.

And many resources and docs assume you're some kind of math genius xD.


Neural networks have also been quite unintuitive to me. I'm hoping machine learning and AI get to a point where I don't need to know math to be able to use them for my own stuff


So much of boiler plate is there. I tried to learn redux 3 times but finally succeeded in fourth time.
Sometimes when things don't fit in your mind, just take a break from it for some days and try again.


Yeah taking a break is definitely a good idea !


Such a good question.
For me it has to be;

Redux, with all of its boilerplate it felt more like inception, inside then out then back in again lol!! But after a while and reading up on Flux, it made perfect sense.

Terraform with AWS to this day bothers me, it's like a black box of unknowns untill you understand the cryptic errors and one by one understand all the roles and policies you didn't know you needed.


Animation concepts and 3D graphics.. Specifically, the math behind it. Using transform matrices to facilitate animations. Representing normals and UVs using vectors.

I never enjoyed math and can understand why people say math is important in certain fields of computing.


async concepts, memory allocation and decorators :)


Monad. I think it's useful I still don't get it.


I don't even know what it is πŸ˜†


higher order functions. Once I understood them soooo many things started to make sense in javascript.


Definitely template meta programming in C++. To this day I still can’t get my head fully wrapped around it.


CSS position, C dynamic allocation and C threading 🀯


You just reminded me that the C pointers were a little difficult for me at the beginning too 😱