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Hi everyone!

My name is Sergei (or Sergey it is the same :) ). I've been an Android developer over 8 years already. So my standard stack is Kotlin, RxJava/coroutines, Retrofit and other classical tools. My role for last few years was 'Team Lead' there I've implemented my own visions of Android app architecture.

But five months ago I decided to rethink my future and quit from job. Because I want to try something new not just another one pretty same client-server app. Now I'm working on my own Android project based on custom ML model. For data processing I use Rust. I like that language so much! Strictly speaking articles from helped me to understand it more.

I've came here to learn new, improve my writing English by sharing my experience and maybe understand where to go next :)

Feel free to contact me. It's always great to meet new people with the same interests.

Have a great day!

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