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Discussion on: Ten Cognitive Biases to Look Out For as a Developer

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Benjamin Houdu

Great article! Every team should look at this. I feel our industry has a productivity oriented way of thinking and promotes "shortcut" thinking a lot, thus often denying fair debates and group communication so we can be "faster" (and not propagating bad news or impressions, you can't raise investment with that).

I think the industry is actually promoting the biases you describe to spread, until we get another quality crisis in software and people start to get scared of just blindly copy/pasting stuff. The survival bias is strong here, always talking about great projects made with x tech and never talking about failed ones we never got to hear from.

We could end up just building the software of bias-masters (the impact of lobbying has increased to my mind, with big companies evangelization seen as god) instead of a team well thought software.

Having a great place to have free debates on software decisions is mandatory to succeed. If it is not there, the tech team has to create it. If you can't, well either you become a bias master too (there will be blood) or you change of... place.