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Discussion on: Escaping tutorial purgatory as a new developer

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Psionic (Jeo)

Hey Tony, just wanna say I appreciate this my guy. Been struggling with the decision to either build something or just keep learning.

I'm familiar with MERN and I've moved on to another course that covers more "senior dev" stuff like performance, testing, ci/cd, typescript, nginx etc. Interestingly I was approached, in the midst of the course, by a company and given a small app to build as a little test. I had my challenges but I built that bad boi in like 3 days and it was fun as all hell... Then I had to go back to finish the course 🙄 because I feel like I should know that "senior dev" stuff especially since the job talk has gotten more serious and I don't want to disappoint.

This article basically encouraged me to do what I know I want to, which is to stop being a lil bitch, accept that I'm never gonna know everything and just build the damn things man. Mad respect fam. Stay well and woke 👊🏼