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Show DEV: I built a chrome extension to inspect element on hover

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Hi Devs,
My name is Himanshu Mishra, I'm an independent maker from India.
I recently launched a chrome extension that lets you inspect element on hover. It shows all the styles and HTML attributes in a sweet window which you can dock.
You can even live edit CSS, HTML attributes and content. It is jammed with nifty little features that make web design a smooth experience. You can know more about it here.

Hoverify demo


I started working on it about 6 months ago, We don't do this but I decided on using vanilla javascript and jquery for it. Which gives me control over the final code and made build size significantly smaller (< 286KB).
I made a custom build system that takes every javascript file in the source folder and minifies it. I wrote a small tutorial on it. Check it out.
I even took this vanilla craze of mine to the landing page and rewrote it from React to simple HTML, CSS and javascript.

The extension is available for every chromium-based browser. Sadly, other browsers like Firefox and safari do not provide permissions like debugger and capture API which make some of the features possible. Although I may add support to these browsers but some of those features may suffer.

I would love to hear your feedback. Thank you!

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Himanshu Mishra


Hi, My name is Himanshu and I'm an independent maker from India. Currently working on Hoverify- tryhoverify.com


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Thanks Ben! glad that you liked it.


Looks a lot like getcssscan.com/
Nice job tho! ☺️


Yes, but Hoverify is better πŸ˜…