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My Programming Story

Ekekenta Odioyenfe .C
Software Engineer with honed analytical thinking, communication and collaboration skills. Who seeks out innovation solution to everyday problem. Fully dedicate and open to mentorship.
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When I got to the higher institution, I had not laptop, no knowledge of what computer science was all about. Truthfully I choose computer science without any prior knowledge of it was. Now I am in school no laptop, no good mobile device for information hunting.
One day I went to the class, we had Qbasic in our time table that day. The lecturer introduced the language and began explaining what variables are.
To me I was just like someone sent to a big local market for the first time. It all the lecturer was explaining seemed like and illusion.
I could remember boy who was very bright in class then, he was answering questions and the lecturer was making reference to him.
I decided I should get a laptop and get someone to teach me. Then I got my first HP laptop, started downloading tutorials which I didn't seem to understand.
One day I was on was in the lecture when a guy approached me to make space for him to seat with me, I simply obeyed him and he switched on his computer and started coding. I could remember he was coding on the Java programming language.
I called his attention said 'Please can I learn programming from you?', he turned and smiled and said 'are you sure you can learn programming', out of curiosity I replied why do you ask, then he said he has encountered a lot of people who had showed some interest in becoming a programmer but concluded it was heard and left.
At this point I was seriously confused, I have not written a line of code before. I said to him since you learnt it and now written programs with it I believe I can. The guy thought and mentored me in #HTML, #CSS and #PHP. I was building static websites with crazy ui. Each time I look at my design and my code compared to others I felt like giving up, but he kept on encouraging me to continue learning. He used these words a lot 'Everyone stated a learner, so keep learning',these were ringing in my mind while I kept learning day and night, writing and copying codes in #Stackoverflow, #Dev community, logrocket,mediums and other open source platforms.
I built a simple voting system using PHP and MYSQL as my database management system. I was very happy depict that the UI wasn't good enough, it also had weak UX. But I was happy that was able to build something. I continued learning and building small scaled app with PHP and Mysql, until I mastered the basics of PHP.
Two years later, this guy graduated and I moved to Python. I started learning python because of its easy to syntax, strength and cross platform capability, more especially it has a lot of modules that can ease development process. I build a bank management system with fingerprints authentication, online shopping system and other GUI and Web app. Currently I am developing use Nodejs.
In conclusion, nothing good comes easy, you have to be determined. Don't let the beginning deprive you the tressure at the end. I encourage the newbies to keep on learning no matter how difficult it is. A persistent water breaks a mighty rock.

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Aditya Mangal

Awesome story for motivation✨

dev_emmy profile image

wow! what a great story. Keep pushing

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Ekekenta Odioyenfe .C Author

Thank you