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Introducing Inkwell: A lightweight, easy-to-use terminal-based text editor


🧑‍💻 Inkwell is a terminal-based text editor project that aims to provide users with an easy-to-use and enriching text editing experience directly on the terminal. The editor offers basic functionality such as opening files, saving changes and navigating through text. In addition, Inkwell displays dynamic line numbers next to the text for easy navigation and editing.

Main characteristics.

Inkwell comes with a number of useful features, such as:

  • Abrir archivos desde la línea de comandos: inkwell ./file.txt
  • Navegación y edición de texto en la terminal
  • Números de línea dinámicos mostrados junto al texto
  • Comandos de teclado para acciones comunes como guardar y salir
  • Código modular y fácilmente extensible

This project is based on the Python prompt_toolkit library, which provides a solid foundation for developing interactive terminal applications. By using this library, Inkwell can be easily extended and customized to meet specific user needs.

Installation and use

To install Inkwell, follow the steps given in the official repository:

Once installed, you can use Inkwell to open and edit text files. For example, to open a file named file.txt, just run the following command in the terminal:

> python -m ./ ./file.txt
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Contributions and community development

We invite all interested parties to contribute and collaborate in the Inkwell project. The code is modular and easily extensible, allowing developers to adapt it to their specific needs. Together, we can improve Inkwell and make it an even more useful and enjoyable tool for the community.

Acknowledgments and acknowledgments

This project is created with love by Oscar Ortiz for the community, with the goal of providing a useful and enjoyable terminal text editor experience. We thank everyone who has supported and inspired the development of Inkwell and hope to continue growing and improving together.


Inkwell is a lightweight and easy-to-use terminal-based text editor that enhances the user experience when working with text files in the terminal. We invite you to try Inkwell and share your comments and suggestions so that we can continue to improve this project - together, we can make Inkwell an even more valuable tool for the community!

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