The not fancy CLI output of pnpm

Zoltan Kochan on August 26, 2018

pnpm is a JavaScript package manager that differs from npm and Yarn in many ways. If you haven't heard about it yet, I recommend checking it out.... [Read Full]
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(-: By the way, try out v2.14. There are many improvements.

I changed the output of pnpm recursive run/test. When concurrency is 1, the child output inherits stdout. So you'll be able to change pnpm recursive exec -- pnpm run test-ci to just pnpm recursive run test-ci in your test-ci script


I like how concise it is, but it could use a tiny bit of emojis.


It was not a serious suggestion, more of an observation on how such a popular fad in CLI tools is missing here.
The only place I can envision them improving usability instead of just bloating the output would be before the labels, such as:

📦 Packages:
🤔 Resolving: total💯 52, reused♻️ 46, downloaded📥 0
😁 Resolving: total💯 52, reused♻️ 46, downloaded📥 6, done ✔️
📥 Downloading:
💪 dependencies:
🤓 devDependencies:
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