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no no, your entire article was spot on. It's just the naming part. And yes before CoffeeScript it was Mocha. There was another language that was developing at the time which was LiveScript; very obscure. Is just that i grew up with this and help research this at UMass Amherst from 1993 to 1995. Again I am going by my personal experience. From my memory it was Mocha -> CoffeeScript -> JavaScript.

Your article is very well written. The beginning history of JS is very hazy, and needs more investigative journalism like your written. Cheers!

Well ECMAScripten is regulated by the W3C which is a not-for profit public benefit; which is tied closely with Mozilla. My opinion; I believe JS has grown to be as successful as a language because of its ability to evolve and adapt quickly, based on putting the needs of the programmers above the needs of marketing sales. c# of the failed F# cough cough..

Anyways thank you for this discussion, i can talk about this all day! Thank you for your interest in math and JavaScript! It is people like you that make it worth all the all nighters!


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This is great to know. Appreciate all the feedback and I hope I continue to get the same in the future. My knowledge about the history of JavaScript came from an auth0 article:

Haha I do agree with the great work Mozilla Foundation and W3C have done for the JS language.

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OMG i totally just remembers i used to program ActionScript. This history of how adobe its flash is pretty interesting too.

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