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I started programming c on a unix computer when i was a kid, and also Basic in dos in the late 80s. For the most part i used programming entirely to make or play games, or music and movies.

Career is a funny word, i mean after university, i did work many contracts and startups, so that i would totally consider a career. However, I've never considered it work, as i have always done what I love doing the most. With a distractions here and here, but for the most part it's been wake up program, code, break things, make thing, play with things, repeat, 14 hours a day everyday except saturday, ever since i build my first unix machine in 1992.

Basically to get to masterly level; you must ask yourself, would I do this if money were not the objective. If so, then what would i actually be making or coding with my time? Is it fun? Does it make me happy? Do i feel fulfilled?

Thank you for sharing

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