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Discussion on: Why Mountain Bike is the perfect sport for a Software Developer

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i did, i took half of last year off and hiked the PCT from san diego to portland. lol i guess thats taking it easy. Honestly the ortho surgeon did an amazing job, and now i have a bionic left wrist. It took about a year to get used to the extra 1Kg. However i am still very hesitant on certain activities. Like riding bikes and sword play ( i fence), and playstation controllers. I know right. Typing is good now but my pinky and ring finger make it hard to play piano now and guitar. I have to relearn but i think that is a blessing because i love it.

thank you for your kind words. BTW I used to have the same bike but in white, and it was covered with MTA stickers. :) free from the subway. they love me. Alec baldwin bought it for his newphew or something who was staring at it from outside of the mcdonalds on 36th? and fashion for 3g. The stuff people buy lol. who does that.