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Discussion on: Cross compilers, native compilation, or some kind of VM (like Java)?

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you can access the FS if you have chrome ask the user to access its system storage module. This will open up the abillity to access your FS.. extensions need to do this. One thing alot of people do is author an extension which provides FS access and gives your webapp API. ya kinda scarey when you think of it.

I personally do not use VM, i just have a bunch of computers all networked together. It's like a happy family. I give them all names usually from my favorite movies. Electron honestly i feel is the most stable and works on almost everything. Honestly it a bit scarey too, because if you REALLy know how to install and configure it right you can gain root access to any machine your app is running on. even on a usb. so in essence its a white hat root kit. Because of this app store does not allow electron applications on it. I heard they are looking at adding desktop compliation to Flutter. There is also unity which does cross platform.

you could write your own transpiler to spit out code to whatever OS kinda like how we used to make websites for IE, Chrome , Firefox back in 2000s. Basically think of electron as a c++ wraper toolkit which uses ECMA or typescript, or if you use babel any language technically. I really feel this technology will be around awhile.