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Discussion on: Shell (e.g. Bash) users before coming to Windows Terminal - which shell do you use?

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i use WSL2 with openSuse and windows terminal (emulated powershell)

i really wish iTerm2 was ported over for windows. I miss the opacity and shortcuts and history stuff in that. however terminal is pretty decent.

i rarely use cmd these days because its annoying to start in admin mode. versus the old days where you could just do a cmd...

i do like the window key + search feature that is basically like spotlight search in mac. This is fancy to grep your actions and has smart sorting of popular commands you use.. This can also be configured to index your ~/bin of your scripts so you can run scripts into a terminal window with just a few key strokes.. Very impressed with the new productivity features of w10. not to mention regedit is still better IMO then the scattered plist configs that maxc uses.

<3 gitbash , i still find myself using ming over having to boot up the wsl2 vm. however ill reserve my wsl2 for ec2 connection and storage of my pems and stuff like that.. its a bit harder for external users to grab since its buried into a vm shadow file which hopefully has some encryption setup on.