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Discussion on: Have you built any projects with Electron?

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yep, i have worked with electron for about 4 years now. I also have a lot of work into making multiple window apps with IPC routing. you would think multi windows would be easy but its actual quite hard. each window has its own sandbox so you need to use some fancy event arch to communitcate.. If you take a peak into the sources of torchie you will find a more advanced event manager system, view manager, and p2p Rest routing.. also has templates on how to handle configuration options and hot live reloading of your app.

HMU if you have any question in electron, I am happy to answer or help trouble shoot.. Electron is super fun, but the learning curve is extremely steep to do anything of complex nature, but once you learn the API and ecosystem its super fun and easy to make amazing applications like discord.

i would also strongly recommend implementing an in memory db to manage your data and settings etc.. this is a port of mongo which i have used extensively in torchie. its lightening fast and can index up to 100k records no problem in memory.. This is super important because you do NOT want to use local storage as its kinda slow when you start pumping in lots of data.

also has persisten storage which can run on your main process and renderers.. using my event engine in torchie you can share and communicate between multiple database volumes.. super slick! happycoding