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Discussion on: Getting in the FlowState with Standing Desks

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I think they are cool. I enjoy using them. Its handy when I am making music or working on circuit boards, which I loathe to sit down to do. I do think though getting into the flow is independent of the type of desktop you use. Personally I think anyone can get into a flow state pretty much anywhere if they really are into it. Depends on the persons willpower i suppose. Myself, I have flowed in a cramped up tent in the middle of the redwoods working on music production and coding, all the way to a noise pit of a 1000 engineers at a corpo factory settings. I find a great pair of headphones that noise cancel or have good muff's do the best job at deep work `sesses. Also turning off notifications and airplane mode your computer and phone is important to reduce distractions.

all in all if i had to choose of a desktop that moves vertical and one that doesn't im going to get the one that moves up AND down. I wonder if anyone makes devices you put under a desk that doesn't move vertical to make it raise up and down.?>