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IDEA Plugins for the Contemporary Ninja

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Here is a list of my current top vetted plugins for IDEA 2020.


Its one of those plugins that is useful to have installed however it's rarely used. It does its thing.

ANSI Highlighter

Makes your console have fun rainbow colors which for dyslexic is nice.

Atom Material

Some nice colorful icons for your sidebar directory. Color codes specific conventions names like database or controller for example


Who doesn't use bash. I know right. This is fantastic for complex gradle or other build scripts which need refactoring or curry.


This is a great language to start learning. It is an extension of javascript which allows for proper type handling. If you like The idea of typeScript without typeScript than check this out. Babel transpilers not included. SOme Assembly required, phun intended.

Dracula Theme

The dark theme that started it all. Check it out. Using dark theme is not only good for your eyes. It uses way less electricity.


It's like a butterfly in the wind. An amazing piece of technology that gained enough critical mass at google to escape its marketing gravitation velocity. Interlinks Android Studio and local virtual machines. I personally use this to spin up my own local clouds to test decentalized network architecture. Also fantastic for spinning up a few hundred androids on your local NAS/grid. ;)


Modifies your existing syntax highlighting to reflect its current log level state. . Sounds silly but it's awesome. For example it will color code compiled functions green and ones error white or yellow.


Scripting language for LLVM. Think python for bytecode build oppy stuff. gorilla glue of the build systems


Lets you hot deploy your IDEA plugins your developing. Its the meta plugin for plugins. Good stuff.

Nyan Progress Bar

Why not.

Rainbow Brackets

Show your pride!


And when your shiny things start to rust, no problem rust can compile to run on anything. If your interested in WASM/LLVM start here. 15 mins can save your life.


The Yaml for the data analyst. I prefer this notation for dtos and plays nice with proto-buffers.

Torchie Flow Metrics

This is a plugin my company is developing. This plugin collects local meta information about what files you edit and how long you have edited the files. This information is stored locally in ~/.flow for data analyst. This allows you to figure out where you spend most of your time in your code base. Also great for code risk assessment.


Again thank you for reading, and I hope you find these plugins as useful as We do here at DreamScale. Also if you haven't tried IDEA, check it out. I am the most pragmatic programmer you will met; and lazy. If you interested in meta programming or using algorithms to help program or develop your complex master pieces invest in it. The hours alone it saves you is worth the cost.

  • [ if you can not afford just email the team and ask for an educators license if the community version isn't zesty enough for your spice of life ] *

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Mike Talbot

Torchie Flow sounds very interesting....

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☮️✝️☪️🕉☸️✡️☯️ Author • Edited

Part of our IdeaFlow platform =>

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