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Good overview of the language! As someone just starting to dive in though, this part has me a bit worried, honestly:

The downside? Rust has a steep learning curve. "I would not recommend anybody use it as their first language, and maybe their second," Shamrell-Harrington said. Newcomers to Rust find it fairly easy to learn the basics, she said, but struggle when trying to move into the intermediate stage.


I agree with that quote. I would classify Rust as an intermediary to advance language. Maybe starting with some basic design patterns and functions with JavaScript or Dart. Rust and WASM gets complicated real fast, whereas languages like Java or Ruby are more forgiving.

Upshot is that the folks who make up the Rust community are pretty helpful and lots of information is being added. Just ask :)


Alright. I'm actually pretty comfortable with both JS and Dart, so that's fairly reassuring! Thanks for sharing!