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Top 8 Tech Careers to Consider after Studying Computer Science in 2021

The main goal of a computer science major is to equip students with knowledge of computers and computer programs. A bachelor's degree in computer science usually takes up about 120 credits. You will take classes that focus on topics such as software engineering, systems analysis, information systems design, mobile computing, databases, and networks, just to mention a few.

8 Careers for Computer Science Degree Students

With these kinds of courses, there are a multitude of different career options available for computer science majors. These include computer programming, web application developers, security analysts, web design specialists, computer hardware engineers, network administrators, and system architects. Generally, those who enter this field do it because they enjoy the fast pace challenges of working on the internet, or because they want to work with the ongoing technological aspects of computers. They may also choose to get their degree in computer science to help them gain employment in a specific industry. It should be noted that graduates with a bachelor’s degree also have a greater chance of earning more money with their science degree than those who have not attended college.

If you have a degree in computer science, you may wonder what kind of career is available to you in today’s society. Your choices are vast. It really depends on what you actually want to do and what focus you take. Here are at least eight career paths that are available.

1. IT Consultants

An information technology consultant, otherwise known as an IT consultant, is a person who helps businesses to evaluate and analyze their informational technology to better meet the company’s overall objectives. The IT’s duties may range from designing and implementing a new technological solution for the client to examining and diagnosing the corporation’s infrastructure.

Generally, IT consultants will undertake the operational missions of a business, but they can also to develop or implement certain software for the company’s special needs. For this to be successful, the consultant will need to conduct interviews with individual employees for the purpose of collecting the required data. The consultant will then analyze the information in order to discuss the specifications with the company’s in-house specialists. The result comes in the form of appropriate actions and analysis to determine the most successful solution.

2. Information Systems Manager

An IT manager is a manager whose basic role is to manage, and monitor data systems with a varying number of settings. It is the goal of an information systems manager to oversee the planning, installing, and maintenance of all hardware and software upgrades. The manager must also guide and direct the staff responsible for such work. With that respect, the IT manager can multi-task and have excellent communication skills. A degree in computer science allows and encourages those talents.

3. Database Administrator

Database administrators store and organize data through the use of assorted software programs. They basically make sure that databases are run correctly and efficiently. An administrator is responsible for all financial information that is stored to be secure from any admittance that may be unauthorized.

This position requires someone who is organized, likes working in a structured setting, and is extremely detail-oriented. Employers who hire and value computer science graduates include insurance companies, hospitals, banks, and computer system design firms.

4. Cyber Security Consultant

In our world today, digital data is all over the place. As a cybersecurity consultant, you will be responsible for guarding and protecting such private data from being invaded and attacked. These security risks are evaded and eliminated through the position of a cyber security consultant.

As someone who has a computer science degree, your responsibilities as a security consultant would include developing strategies to help protect your secured system and its networking infrastructure, performing system checks and routinely analyzing financial threats and security breaches, updating procedures and defining problems, estimating integration disputes for particular projects, and managing meetings with other departments in order to realign any safety concerns. You are also responsible for creating and surveying technical reports for any examinations or tests, and lend guidance for your IT employees.

5. Multimedia Programmer

The job of a multimedia programmer consists of creating and designing computer software that incorporates interactive elements such as audio or creative graphics. These products are used primarily for DVDs, computer games, mobile phones, and online platforms.

Working as a multimedia programmer, your major responsibility would include primarily the creation of product designs employing specialty software. Your job would also incorporate discussing project requirements with assorted clients and managers, writing code for graphics, animation, and sound programs, testing and examining any problems with the applications, updating and improving software and its contents, ensuring all products to be safe, appealing, and user-friendly.

Companies who continually seek out multimedia programmers involve computer gaming corporations, advertising companies, broadcasters, web design businesses, software operations, and most large organizations with web development and media departments. Any computer science graduate would be welcomed in these instances.

Computer Science Degree Careers Options

6. Systems Analyst

A systems analyst plays the role of a digital investigator. If you enjoy analyzing an evaluating hardware and software and how it completes the IT system of a company, you may enjoy your position as a systems analyst. Your prime responsibility would be to examine current systems and help implement any new requirements to sustain effectiveness. You would find a way for businesses to operate in an efficient and effectual manner.

As a systems analyst, you would need to understand how the systems worked, how they needed to be changed, and how to improve them overall. Your research or detective work could include tracking certain applications, examining databases, and ciphering through networks, all for the reason of discovering why the computer system is faltering.

Make it known that systems analysts have special personality types. If you are intelligent, introspective, and inquisitive, you are on the right path for this position. It doesn’t hurt to also be curious, rational, analytical, and methodical either. Add these qualities and a degree in computer science, and you are a perfect match to be a system analyst.

7. Games Developer

What do game developers do? They turn the ideas of a talented video game designer, with all its rules and images, into an interactive game filled with sounds, and visuals all by writing code. As a game developer, you would write the code with all its design particulars and change it into playable entertainment for anyone to use

Writing code is the primary job for a game developer, or a game programmer. This code is then implemented on a multitude of formats, such as a web browser, or mobile phone, or a personal computer. Working as a game developer, your assorted duties may include incorporating different application interfaces, programming the games basics, and indoctrinating artificial intelligence necessary for the outcome of the game. You will also be developing concepts for different levels and characters, editing scripts for language and the layout of the actual game. After creating and developing code, you may have to integrate artwork, enable access for online usage, as well as create online game menus.

Although the idea of a game developer may sound like it’s all fun, it is a lot of work. It’s also a very lucrative position. Many companies are actively seeking intelligent computer science graduates to fulfill vacancies. With the possibility of earning more than $38,000 per year as a startup pay, a game developer may find employment with assorted video game publishers or video game studios.

Most game developers work in a group or team, which could explain why there are so many job opportunities available. They create the story or outline any designs while creating certain protypes for the game—this is called pre-production. This is just one avenue of the game developer’s specialization. The next step is production—this includes how to actually make the game work. The final step or focus is called post-production, which entails correcting any problems that may occur or testing the product for its effectiveness and success. Any of these processes would be a fine opportunity for a computer science graduate to step into the role as a game developer.

8. Technical Writer

Do you have a bachelor’s degree in computer science? If you do, then you may qualify as a technical writer. Technical writers prepare journal articles, instruction manuals, and how-to-guides to help assimilate and communicate complex and technical terms and materials for other documents. Basically, they organize assorted complicated content and put it into a document so it can be understood more easily. It is a job that ensures information accuracy and helps to develop certain technical data to use with assorted businesses and manufacturers.

A technical writer is responsible for writing for journals, training guides, manuals, and assessments, and generally creating easily understandable material. They then verify the accuracy of their work with subject matter experts. Technical writers develop technical information for various manufacturers, clients, designers, or companies like They also provide photographs, sketches, charts, or diagrams to help illustrate any confusing data or information. While helping to format articles for publication, a technical writer may need to clarify terminology or styles depending on the content and its purpose. It is vital for technical writers to be able to stay current with any technological changes regarding production, and with personnel interviews and journals. Only then can a technical writer keep the information accurate and effective. Your duties may involve supervising and training other technicians and assist in coordination specific duties and tasks.

With all these qualifications, a computer science graduate should have no problems finding a position as a technical writer. These employment opportunities could be as an editor, reporter, desktop publisher, and textbook writer. Depending on the area where you live, the annual salary of a technical writer can begin at $46,000 per year and accelerate to $130,000 per year as a senior technical writer position.


With the world around us becoming more digital and more computerized, it makes perfect sense that the job market should also revolve around computer science and all its elements. For someone who likes to decipher codes or solve certain problems, then a degree in computer science may be the path for you to take. It’s not all about the computer, though. It may involve learning new languages, public speaking, as well as editing skills and writing efficiently. If you have ever been so intrigued with how things work or why they don’t, a career choice in computer science might be perfect for you.

With such jobs like IT consultant, or digital manager, you may need to think analytically or critically, as well as be able to troubleshoot problems that can arise. As a game developer or a technical writer, you may have to communicate efficiently to relate your ideas to others who are not so technically inclined. Being able to assess other IT needs can also come in very handy. For a creative person, with a degree in computer science, there are varying jobs available in application and technological fields.

If you have a computer science bachelor’s degree, your intention to find a job within your major is wide open. As many of the jobs included in this article attest, it depends on your primary focus as to what you want to do.

Almost every area of our society today involves some kind of computer or online application. It is no surprise then that the field of computer science has grown in leaps and bounds to establish itself as a challenging, competitive, yet lucrative career choice. Computer science is one of the few subjects that continues to rise in popularity throughout the world. With an increasingly diverse and technologically advanced society, it is no surprise that many individuals are choosing careers within the computer field.

For those who wish to advance in their career within the industry, it is highly recommended that a degree in a related subject is the initial step required to land one of the many exciting IT careers. No matter what field of employment intrigues you the most, studying for a degree in computer science will help you get there and stay there successfully.

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