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Discussion on: Time to Say Goodbye to Google Fonts

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Simon Wicki Author

I'm very interested in these topics as well!

In the wp-rocket blog post, all replies disagree with the author in the comment section. The author also compares Google Fonts with CDN to self hosted fonts for repeated usage, which is comparing apples with pears.
Adding a CDN for your static assets like self-hosted fonts improves performance, definitely. Therefore I wouldn't compare this.

The benchmark data on the wp-rocket blog post never made any sense to me either: in one network chart I can clearly see that self-hosted fonts is being requested faster than the Google Fonts network chart. But the document-ready signal is later initiated, which could mean that their implementation of self-hosted fonts are blocking the render, whereas the Google Fonts use font-display swap.
You see, so many assumptions and questions that I rather not trust that data.

Sorry again for bringing that link into the conversation.

I guess I'd better follow up with a clean benchmark post myself! :)