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i do this too with documentation. i often try to break things down or try to reimplement things on my own time so i can understand whats going on in an intuitive way. you can be a lazy js developer and copy and paste app.get("/bla", (req, res) { do stuff(); }); or you can break it down and understand it.

i dont even count as anywhere close to a junior developer, but something ive noticed about professionals is that the more "professional" you are, the more you can make yourself seem like you know what youre doing

It's all "fake it 'till you make it" :) Experience you'll come by with time, but having the right attitude and approach will get you far, so try and hold onto that!

One of my "life hacks" for learning new things was to NEVER copy/paste. I'd always force myself to type it out, even if it meant ALT-tabbing 10 times. Helps make the new code "stick" and get into muscle memory.

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