No excuses, write unit tests

Jack Marchant on November 29, 2016

Unit testing can sometimes be a tricky subject no matter what language you’re writing in. In this article, I explain how to get started with testing and stop making excuses for your team.

Bro, do you even map? MapReduce demystified

Aurélien Hervé on December 01, 2016

javascript functional-programming typescript

Who Called Git? An Unusual Debugging Story

Schneems on November 28, 2016

ruby heroku cli

The Balanced Ternary Machines of Soviet Russia

Andrew Buntine on November 16, 2016

ternary history computer-science


Podcast Episode by Software Engineering Daily

Setting up a Minimal, Yet Useful JavaScript Dev Environment

Kamil Ogórek on November 21, 2016

javascript environment tools

This Week in Code, November 21st

Ben Halpern on November 21, 2016

twic spacex google

Every developer should write a personal automation API

Matthew Watkins on November 20, 2016

dev api ifttt

Robot Lawyer with Joshua Browder

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Never Write For-Loops Again

Randy Daw-Ran Liou on November 18, 2016

python coding bestpractice

How to write an object oriented program that doesn't suck

Naveen on November 17, 2016

programming software-development oop

ClojureScript saved me 100 hours

Andrew Buntine on November 17, 2016

clojure games clojurescript

Being a Polyglot Programmer with Amir Rajan

Podcast Episode by Hanselminutes

Technical Debt

Beekey Cheung on June 26, 2016

This Week in Code, November 14th

Ben Halpern on November 14, 2016

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Developer-driven development

Isaac Lyman on November 07, 2016

coding software-development agile
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Listener Question: Cody Asks About Developer Speed

Podcast Episode by Developer Tea

Review your auto-generated code

Raúl Ávila on November 12, 2016

java programming

This Week in Code, November 7th

Ben Halpern on November 07, 2016

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What can web developers learn from mobile natives?

Dion Almaer on November 08, 2016

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S04E01 - Data Visualization on the Web with DataSketches

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Mistakes I made (as a developer)

Miquel Beltran 👨‍💻 on November 06, 2016

Cross-platform development on Windows is suddenly awesome

W. Brian Gourlie on November 07, 2016

windows linux rustlang

My Experience with Pair Programming

Raúl Ávila on November 06, 2016

software-development pair-programming

181 iPS Swift 3 and Swift Migrations with Hesham Salman

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How Bad Software Gets Made

Pablo Rivera on November 03, 2016


A to V ; a walk through of js frameworks

Michele Pepe on November 06, 2016

javascript angularjs reactjs

My Development Setup on a Macbook

Karan Sharma on November 04, 2016

javascript python programming

Database as a Service with Eliot Horowitz

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Fun Things in Elixir

Ryan Flach on November 04, 2016

elixir programming functional-programming

What to do when you feel stuck.

Pablo Rivera on November 04, 2016

learning productivity

Programming is dedication

Anthony Eli Agbenu on November 04, 2016

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121 AiA Dependency Management for Angular Apps with GraphQL Uri Goldshtein

Podcast Episode by Adventures in Angular

Our Hiring Process

Ben Halpern on November 02, 2016

startups hiring management

Why I became a software engineer

Edem Kumodzi on November 03, 2016

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