The Problem With Heroes In Software Development

Re-becoming a developer

Tom Lous


podcast21 with Balaji Srinivasan

Software Engineering Daily

The 3 Stages of Beauty in Emacs (from a 17 year old’s perspective)

Sishaar Rao

Capture the Flag: It's a game for hack...I mean security professionals

Antoinette Maria

A pull request is submitted, what next?

Celestine Omin

Problem Behavior Correction Flowchart

Gunnar Gissel

Gotime 800x800

podcast44: Go4, Gardening, and Go Contribution with Brad Fitzpatrick

Go Time

Lessons Learned with Docker

Alex Hanson

Using Terraform for Cloud Deployments - Part 1

David Schmitz

Productivity Secrets for Success as a Freelance Consultant

Zack Burt

Java 8 Functional Interface Cheatsheet

Gunnar Gissel


podcastMRS 001 My Ruby Story Brad Urani

Ruby Rogues

Serverless Backends With AWS Cloud: Twitter and Email Campaigns

Rob Sherling

Formula Pi: Racing Software Engineers

Claire Pollard

10 Tips to Win your Next Hackathon

Girl Knows Tech

An Overview of MicroPython

Ken W Alger


podcastMJS #015: Justin Searls

JavaScript Jabber

Functional Reactive Programming in Rust

Andrew Johnson

Modeling your Data with Documents

Ken W Alger

Programming won't be automated, or it already has been

edA-qa mort-ora-y

How Facebook Live Scales

Wissam Abirached


podcast247 FS Working with Designers without Wanting to Kill Them

Freelancers' Show

Why do programmers wear headphones? For the same reason that you can’t juggle.

Andrew Johnson

Algoritmics with Rust




Using Turbolinks to speed up your site

Sunny Singh

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podcastEpisode 7: Ruby news, all the releases, book deals, and chatbots


Stepping into math: Open-sourcing our step-by-step solver

Evy Kassirer

Finding that pesky listener that’s hijacking your event (Javascript)

Aziz Khambati

Hashing Out Hash Functions

Vaidehi Joshi

Compensation tips

Jason McCreary


podcastEp. #12, FaaS and the Benefits of Serverless

Jamstack Radio

Importance of Writing Clean Code

Mohit Rajput

Encrypt and check your secrets into git

david karapetyan

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