Why is natural language so hard for machines?

Object Oriented Tricks: Starter Pattern

Arun Sasidharan


podcastJSJ 259 Clean Code JavaScript with Ryan McDermott

JavaScript Jabber

Let’s Build a Web App with Vue, Chart.js and an API Part II

Jakub Juszczak

Creating a Ticketing System with Wrike

Phil Budden

Coding Best Practices Part 1 (Naming Conventions & Class Designing Principles)

Mohit Rajput

What Are Your Career Goals?

John Van Wagenen


podcastWhat's up with Docs with Den Delimarsky

MS Dev Show

Object Oriented Tricks: #3 Death By Arguments

Arun Sasidharan

Certifications I'm considering, as an experienced software engineer

Vykintas Narmontas (William)

Yes! You can plan your projects!


What I look for in a Junior Android Dev

Adam Bennett


podcast#109 MongoDB Applied Design Patterns

Talk Python

The 500-foot Cab Ride: Using BigQuery to find out how dirty (sinister?) NYC's cab ride data is

Walker Harrison

Understanding Hoisting in JavaScript

Wissam Abirached

Lazy – Exploiting a New Programming Paradigm


Git branching done right with Gitflow & improving code quality with code reviews

Nikola Brežnjak


podcast#10: Val Head

Friends Talk Frontend

The Problem With Heroes In Software Development

Beekey Cheung

Re-becoming a developer

Tom Lous

The 3 Stages of Beauty in Emacs (from a 17 year old’s perspective)

Sishaar Rao

Capture the Flag: It's a game for hack...I mean security professionals

Antoinette Maria

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podcastEpisode 65: Jo Overline’s Ugly Start

Away From The Keyboard

A pull request is submitted, what next?

Celestine Omin

Problem Behavior Correction Flowchart

Gunnar Gissel

Consuming Restful API in PHP with Guzzle

Shahroz Nawaz

Lessons Learned with Docker

Alex Hanson

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podcastInterview with Chris Albon (Part 2 of 3)

Developer Tea

Using Terraform for Cloud Deployments - Part 1

David Schmitz

Productivity Secrets for Success as a Freelance Consultant

Zack Burt

Java 8 Functional Interface Cheatsheet

Gunnar Gissel

Serverless Backends With AWS Cloud: Twitter and Email Campaigns

Rob Sherling


podcast248: Open Source Lessons Learned with Zeno Rocha

The Changelog

Formula Pi: Racing Software Engineers

Claire Pollard

10 Tips to Win your Next Hackathon

Girl Knows Tech

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