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Discussion on: Have you ever tried any JetBrains product?

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Gary Bell

Every day. I spend my day coding with Phpstorm and use DataGrip for connecting to various database platforms. I spend a reasonable amount of time in PyCharm, too.

I love their products, and made it a condition of my employment that I use their tools. I didn't want to learn workarounds fr my existing workflow.

I've used YouTrack before and whilst I prefer GitLab for most things, the search on YouTrack vastly improved my workflow. It's just so powerful.

I don't think it's expensive. I pay £120 per year for their toolbox product. If £10 a month is too much for a stable, useful product set which works just about everywhere, then you need to question your value stream.

Sure, VS Code might be great. It might work just fine, or even excel in some areas. But I've never had an issue with JetBrains to make me want to try.