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Discussion on: Have you ever managed a team?

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Gary Bell

I have previously managed a team, and am currently doing so. I like to think I am a good and fair manager. I try and put this down to two things:

  • The people you manage are not your friends (during work hours at least)
  • treat people the way you would like to be treated

That doesn't mean you can't be friendly with your staff. You just have to be able to separate buddy mode from boss mode in some situations.

When it comes to treatment of your team, that doesn't mean always telling them they are doing great, or putting performance plans in place. It means when they do something wrong and you need to call them out on it, do so with compassion. They are human, too.

Management positions can be hard to get right. But if you don't act as a tyrant then you should get it right more timed than not.

If I ever need to ask someone why they acted a certain (negative) way, I always first ask if that person is OK. Ask if they have anything going on in their life which is bothering them. Then ask what caused them to act that way.

Offer compassion and help if they need it. Be human.

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Jaime López

I like your point about people you mange are not your friends, I agree totally with you. This is something to know as a manager, really important.

And treating people the way you would like to be treated is important not only as a manager but as a person.

Great comment!!!