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Hey Steff, Great article. Thanks for that.

There's one thing I'd like to add. Many people, not only developers, think that running a business has to be something big you can only achieve with a group of people. In my opinion that's not true at all!

As you mentioned, you can start small with an app you wrote completely by yourself and try to sell it. Or you can build a game for Steam, write an eBook or make online course.

For example, I released a game on Steam and created online courses for Udemy. You can do that on your own (although I had a publisher for the game - but that's another story...). The thing I'm struggling with now is marketing. This is way harder than "just" developing a product.

Take care,


Patrick, that sounds awesome. Good job and thanks for sharing! That's exactly the spirit, my side project right now can be done only by myself and my boyfriend, for example.

Marketing is indeed the weakness for developers :(. I found some articles that can help, I shared in another comment here, take a look, that might help. I think that like coding, it's something that we will exceed in practice. Good luck and the best!


Hey Steff, just had a look at your shared resources. Looks great! Thank you very much! I think you're right. We just have to keep practicing the marketing aspects and eventually, we'll see the results. :)

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