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Discussion on: Junior dev on the job hunt!

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Really nice C.V you have there, and also great webpage.
If I may give you my 5c I would rephrase the 30s pitch a bit differently.
From my perspective if you start with "My background is in marketing and e-commerce" you already lost the most valuable seconds of the pitch as I subconsciously lost interest as I am not looking for a marketer.
I would personally start with something like:
"I am a (juniour(can be omitted)) web developer with more than 5 years of experience in marketing and e-commerce, currently..."
I believe this will click the interest of the person you are talking right away.

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Sarah Paz Author

Thanks Andi! I think I should have mentioned that a lot of companies I have been applying for have been e-commerce related so I aimed to highlight that. But I do tweak it depending on the company I apply for and will look into shortening it up a bit and highlighting dev more and have e-commerce as the added perk instead. Thanks!

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