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Discussion on: An Effective Strategy To Learn Vue.js In Less Than Seven Days

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Aaron Reese

Good article, thanks for posting. I would suggest. Most people learn Vue 2 first. The key concepts between the two versions are still relevant ( unlike Angular 1.x and Angular@next) and Vue 2 basics make more sense with the options API. As a beginner in a new framework you are unlikely to need advanced features like teleportation. Also I would learn the 'wrong' way of passing data around your app using prop-drilling, event emitters and an event bus BEFORE diving into Vuex, otherwise it feels like a lot of work for little benefit. Another key part of Vue and it's popularity is the wider ecosystem which you touched on briefly with UI frameworks but tools like the vetur plugin for vscode, vuetools for Chrome and cross platform deployment with vue-ionic and Quasar are also key to its adoption rate

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Do we have to go through the hard way, with all the worst practices before we get to the good stuff ? I dont think so, it would be better to just understand why the old way had to replaced, streamlined & reimagined.

I personally learned Vue3 then Vue-router4 -> Vuex4 -> Vuetify.js 2+.

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Roberto Hernandez Author

Thank you for such a great additional information