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Discussion on: What makes a site JAMstack?

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Andrew Beeken

Divya is right here but I think it's largely a problem of the term "serverless" being a bit of a misnomer, which kind of confused me when I first started looking into this methodology.

Yes, it's not SERVERLESS but really what you're not doing is investing in a dedicated server to run your web apps; instead of having to manage your server you're leveraging SERVICES like GitHub, Netlify and AWS to host, build and operate your site.

For me, having had to run websites with a LAMP stack for pretty much all of my career, not having to worry about DevOps and being able to leverage the kind of continuous deployment that you get with GitHub and Netlify is a breath of fresh air - as yet there are specific, really heavy use instances where I can see I'd want to go back to building a site with, say, Wordpress, but there have been many instances in the past where Wordpress and the associated infrastructure required has felt heavy and expensive for simple websites; the Jamstack ideology makes building and deploying such sites an absolute doddle.