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Discussion on: My Developer Interviewing Principles

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Alex Braunton

Interesting post! I'd love to know how you interview a more intermediate developer?

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Jaakko Kangasharju Author

Well, the principles remain the same, no matter the experience level. I think everything in the post should be applicable to any developer interview.

Questions will vary, especially in specifics. I might start a topic with the same or similar question always, but since the follow-up is guided by the answers, different amounts or kinds of experience of the interviewee will lead to different places. And some topics, for instance, technical leadership or coaching others, will usually only make sense for people with more experience.

And my expectations will definitely vary. As a simplified example, consider any somewhat popular architectural pattern. A junior developer I might expect to have heard of it, a more intermediate one to have tried it, and a senior one to be able to discuss its applicability, benefits and drawbacks. And the more experienced the person, the more I expect them to be concerned with the big picture, to understand and consider the wider context of the work, not just the piece they're directly responsible for right now.

Does that answer your question?