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re: From accessibility point of view I meant that when we add such content like tooltip on hover, what we can do is add the content in aria-label which...

Hi Anya, thanks for the post, do you mean like this?
Case 1

<p>hello a11y text, important info</p>

Case 2

<p aria-label="hello a11y text"><!--hello a11y text-->important info</p>
p[aria-label]::before {
    content: attr(aria-label);

Case 1 reads "paragraph, hello a11y text, important info"

Case 2 reads "paragraph, hello a11y text" only but displays the same as case 1.

If it where me, I would stick to a JavaScript solution with real markup, role and avoid aria-label at all costs, good UX and good content do not need aria-label.

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