Effective Database Design: Part 3

Adam McNeilly on December 05, 2018

This is the third post in a series about database design and normalization. In our last post, we discussed the first normal form and took an init... [Read Full]
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Second lol
I just finish part two of this series, and can't wait for more xD


This series is really helpful and easy to digest. Kudos for great work! Keep it up!


These techniques have been around like 50 years and still apply. It shows how brilliant the relational model is.


Absolutely, and I think normalization makes database design fun! It starts to feel more like a puzzle, and figuring out how to fit the pieces together can be really fascinating! Especially as you get further along the normal forms.


Good Job Adam! My 3month database design college class broken down into 5mins read per post... awesome.


Can’t wait for more! Loving your database design explanations. Berry clear and concise 👌🏽

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