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Discussion on: A crash course on serverless-side rendering with Vue.js, Nuxt.js and AWS Lambda

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"This will create a CloudFront distribution and hook it up to your domain. Make sure that you've added the certificates to your AWS account."

I new I will stuck in some place.
As I am totaly new to the AWS... how am I supposed to add the certificates to my AWS account?
Should I change the default "" and if so to what?

I have no domain on AWS this is my first touch with it.

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Johan Smolinski

I ran into the same problem. There are quite a few steps you need to do manually (i.e in the Web Console) before you can use this guide. I won't get into details, but first you need to register a domain name in Route53 (or add a hosted zone with a domain from another registrar, but that is probably more complicated). Then you will need to add a certificate. Easiest way is to use the Certificate Manager. Enter and * in your certificate request, then follow the guide to verify it. After you've done this, you are ready to go with sls create_domain. It will add the vue-ssr subdomain for you.