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Discussion on: Exploring Node.js Frameworks

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Agoro, Adegbenga. B • Edited on

I don't think Nest.js and Next.js fall into the category you are evaluating and considering your familiarity with the MVC framework, I would assume you'd find AdonisJS to be intuitive.

I consider AdonisJS to be of a higher ranking regardless of it's minimal footprint amongst developers. I would give it an 8/10.

It is intuitive to use and allows seamless development of full stack apps, APIs and microservices.

Yes, it is opinionated and given your use of ExpressJS for a long time, that might not appeal to you but it provides a great starting point for beginner and experienced NodeJS developers alike.

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Avindu Hewa Author

@adegbengaagoro Absolutely understandable, I will be giving it a much more thorough attempt since it is being recommended by a lot of my colleagues as well.