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re: I think javascript is the worse language to start programming with. Javascript was a workaround scripting language originally designed to enhance h...

I started out with C#, and I love the language. It's amazing. But, after one semester of having it in college, I had no idea about anything, at all. OOP was Chinese to me. It wasn't until using it for a year and also finishing a Microsoft MTA course I was ready to use it properly.

That's the point I want to make. OOP should not be step 1. JavaScript can be written just fine with almost no OOP at all. Just the basic concepts of constructors and "sharing code" between objects with prototypes are more than fine for the beginner. Because those things are the great majority of things we use.

My views on this are biased as I use JavaScript daily and teach courses on it. But, I seem to not be alone in this, as Stanford has replaced Java with JavaScript for their introduction to Computer Science course.

Anyway, I hope you liked the article. Cheers! :)

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