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Made an installer and offered it to the project maintainer by dropping him an issue with a MEME see

Feature gift > Make windows install easier #242


Actually, on windows, the install process is not that easy as it requires some manual actions. It would be very convenient to be able to install ytt within a single command line, even on Windows.

Therefore I created a chocolatey package which is still under moderation process, but it's usable.

Installation guidelines

To install Carvel ytt, run the following command from the command line or from PowerShell with Admin privileges

choco install ytt --version=0.30.0
ytt --help

You're done.


As long as the chocolatey moderation process has not ended, the version has to be provided. When the moderation process will be ok, the install process will be even easier:

choco install ytt
ytt --help

... then to upgrade:

choco upgrade ytt 

Feedbacks welcome

Please feel free to provide me any feedback 👍 , hopefully you'll like this modest 🎁

meme for 😆