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Hello Prashant. Thank you for putting a list and sharing a lot of useful resources.

I unfortunately have to be in strong disagreement with the title of your article even though you are perfectly right that round 3 on your list is usually the gate pass to next steps.

What you have here might be better suite as "Cracking the CS Code Interview With Javascript", but IMO is not representative of what a "beginner" or any level of Javascript interview should be. There is a subtle but real difference between assessing Javascript as a language and discipline vs using JS as a tool to solve CS types and algorithm challenges.

Those types can certainly be a part of the assessment process, but cannot and should not constitute the sole dimension in which a JS candidate is evaluated.

Let me be clear though, Google and any other companies are in their right to assess and evaluate however they see fit for their engineering team, but those should be correctly labeled as "The Google Interview" or "The XYZ company interview".

If I'm someone looking at joining those companies, I should definitely study and get prepared accordingly and probably buy a copy of Cracking the Coding interview by Gayle McDowell

If you are an Avengers fan, then let's put it like this: Algorithms and CS are just one of the Infinity Stones. Powerful as a standalone but you will need all six to embrace their true power.

If you want to read more about why I feel so strongly about the JS interview process, you can take a quick read at my article on the subject here. 28 Relevant Javascript Interview Questions - Part 1



Thank you for pointing this out.

I did not have any bad intentions with adding that title "Cracking the javascript coding interview.", it's just I was not able to think for the right title at that given time.

I just updated the title with what you have mentioned as I also think it is better than the previous one.


Hey Prashant thanks for updating the title but I never felt like you had any wrong intention here. The industry at large is subtly saying to the beginners audience that the CS interview is the Javascript interview, but that trend is hopefully changing slowly.
Thanks again and once again the list of resources you have shared are going to be handy.

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