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re: Your design skills are really good, the card layout of post titles is smart thinking. I observed that your site is mostly composed of blog posts, y...

Hello Prahlad thank you so much for such a thoughtful response. I really appreciate it. Let me respond to your list real quick:

  1. I wish I could claim that was my design but that’s not the case. It’s a theme that I purchased after literally looking at hundreds of them. I personally picked it because of the card design
  2. Yes I have tried the Jekyll toute before, Ghost and I even looked at the React based one recently. The plugin ecosystem is what brings me back to WordPress but that might change at some point. Cost is manageable for now since it’s on a Digital Ocean box
  3. Yeah not a big fan of it. The intent is to share not to close doors. An artifact of the theme. I’ll adjust it
  4. Yes I have two products. A book and a series of online courses. Subscribers will get sweet deals of that type of content is of interest to them. More on that soon.

Really thanks again for taking the time


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