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Discussion on: Database (Schema) migration to Kubernetes - initContainers vs k8s jobs -

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Ahmed Hanafy Author

You did clarify, thank you
Regarding the db migration we limited it to the production db only
Our dev env has it’s migration managed in other way -not sure how but i think it’s handled using docker-compose -
Will check the Java library thank you very much
This is my first article and I’m still junior SWE learning DevOps so I hope my article -in which i put alot of effort - helped you a bit

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Thanks for the article. It made me think, that's always good. I'm not saying your approach is bad. In my mind I just applied it to the projects I'm working on and then those concerns came to my mind. But you're working on a different thing on a different stack so it might be no problem for you after all. Anyway, I guess most companies would be happy for a junior dev who comes up with such a solution!