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Discussion on: What are your favorite non-programming books?

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Andrew Amesbury

'Managing humans' by Michael Lopp (rands) is currently on my kindle - so far it's a fantastic read and I'd recommend it to anyone who is keen on people leadership in the tech industry.

I always recommend 'the clean coder' and 'clean code' by Robert C. Martin (though he's often referred to as just 'Uncle Bob') to any programmer that's about to start their first job. I'd add that these books are an equally valuable read for veteran programmers. At my former workplace we kept copies that people could borrow when they joined our team.

In addition, if you're new to the industry and are starting your first job or maybe just starting your first project you'd almost certainly benefit from reading a project management fundamentals book, such as 'Fundamentals of Project Management : Tools and Techniques' by Rory Burke.

Having some knowledge of how projects work and the language that's used going into your role is much easier than figuring things out afterwards.

If you'd prefer to read a more complete book on project management then PMBOK is the big ugly book for you!