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I was burned out last year. There were a variety of reasons, but chiefly, I realized the one nagging issue I had was not getting anywhere with both of my two 5-year goals I had set myself in 2015. I tried a variety of things to fix this:

  1. Looked for a new job: This looked like a fair compromise given my dissatisfaction at work. It didn't quite work out immediately.
  2. Learned a new technology: I grabbed the first opportunity I got at work to learn a new skill and gave it my days and nights. A month into that project, and I felt I had accomplished something.
  3. Took an impulsive vacation: This just gave me the feeling of being in control, and after I returned I was able to be more decisive about my career.

All this while, I kept reminding myself that I have previously overcome challenges that seemed insurmountable and this shouldn't be different.

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